Residential Detoxification

Clear your system. Clear your mind. Prepare for the journey ahead.

At Dynamic Transformations, our detox methods are medically-assisted and physician-supervised to ensure patient safety and well-being throughout the entire process.

Dynamic Transformations is Part of an Addiction Recovery Network Designed for Your Long-Term Success
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Step 1 – Intake and Screening

Duration: First 72 Hours

Whether you are contacting us for yourself, a family member or a friend, our first task is to determine eligibility. We know that time is of the essence, and we will do our best to quickly verify eligibility over the phone, with just a few pieces of information from you.


Coming to terms with addiction does not always happen Monday through Friday. That’s why we are available on weekends to begin the intake process.


Once admitted, we begin screening, which is the first step to a safe, successful detox. Within the first 24-hours, patients are evaluated by a doctor to make sure they are medically able to complete the program at our facility. During this time, patients also begin detox protocol. Within the first 72-hours patients meet with a counselor and/or therapist. We screen for any issues (such as heart conditions, etc.), that may require hospitalized detox and seek to identify any mental health concerns that may require a more controlled care environment.


Dynamic Transformations accepts patients nationwide, and we are happy to assist with airline bookings and logistics.


Streamline the eligibility process – Verify your insurance now:

Insurance Verification
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Step 2 – Detoxification

Duration: 30 Days

Once screened and approved for admission, the Dynamic Transformation detox program provides medical assistance in the form of the craving blocker Vivitrol for alcohol and benzo-dependent patients. This can significantly reduce the discomfort associated with detox and lead to more successful outcomes.


Patients and their families are assigned a case manager who will provide help and guidance every step of the way. Our programs consist of individually-tailored methods, including weekly individual and family therapy, life skills programs and group activities designed to identify, acknowledge and overcome the underlying causes of addiction.


Our Program Includes:

  • Intake Assistance & Insurance Verification
  • Logistics Planning
  • Case Management
  • Individualized Approach
  • Weekly Therapy
  • Weekly Counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • Specialized Groups
  • Life Skills Programs
  • Yoga Therapy


Once medically cleared, our residents participate in activities and outings including movies, outdoor excursions and community events.

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Step 3 – Transitioning to Rehab

After our patients have completed detox, we recommend they transition immediately into in-patient, residential rehab. Dynamic Transformations is part of an addiction recovery network designed for seamless movement between the stages of recovery.


We partner with California-based residential rehab partners for the next phase of recovery.

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Step 4 – Aftercare

Once in-patient rehab is complete, transitioning back into the day to day can be difficult. That’s why we recommend immediately enrolling in an on-going aftercare support program for continued therapy and life skills development. We partner with New Origins, located in Redlands, CA for this stage of recovery.

Our patients benefit from living in a comfortable residential environment, surrounded by a caring, experienced staff.

Visit our facility page for more information about our location and photo tour of our detox residence.

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