Addiction Recover in Redlands, CA

Dynamic Transformations Addiction Recovery—With You Every Step of the Way

The Dynamic Transformations drug and alcohol detox center is part of an addiction recovery network that includes in-patient rehab and transitional aftercare services. This partner network is designed to help you transition through one stage of recovery to the next without interruption, and in a way that best supports your healing.

What Happens After Detox? Rehabilitation.

After completing drug or alcohol detoxification at Dynamic Transformations in Redlands, California, we recommend our patients then move immediately to an in-patient or intensive outpatient rehabilitation program.

With an emphasis on treating addiction as the symptom of a greater cause, the rehab process addresses the core issues that manifest as self-destructive behavior.

Aftercare and Life Skills Support

New Origins, in Redlands, CA provides outpatient aftercare support

The goal of drug or alcohol detox and rehabilitation is a life free from the shackles of addiction. But to be successful, you need support. New Origins, located in Redlands, California, is an addiction recovery support center that provides on-going therapy and life skills development classes. With intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) tailored to suit your needs, New Origins strives to help patients live more than just a drug free life; they strive to help patients live a life that is gratifying and joyful.

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