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Addiction Recovery Resources: Drug and Alcohol Residential Detox Center

Welcome to Our New Website!

The new Dynamic Transformations website is home to valuable information that can help you beat addiction once and for all.

Making the decision to enter a drug and alcohol detox facility is never one that you arrive at lightly. Very often, this step comes at a point of do or die. When you enter detox with the intention of moving to rehab and a life free from addiction, the stakes are high – it is possible that you are at risk of losing or have already lost connections with family and children. You may have lost your job, and your future may feel bleak and hopeless. Your health has deteriorated and your psychological and emotional well-being is in extreme jeopardy. We’re here to tell you that there is hope, and we want to help you. Detox is the first step in rebuilding your life, your physical health and your emotional and psychological well-being.

With so much riding on this decision, you want to be sure you select a detox partner that is going to provide the care are attention that will put you on a path to long-term recovery – we hope you will consider Dynamic Transformations as that partner.


Welcome to the Online Home of Dynamic Transformations

We have built this website to introduce you to our facility, our team, and our detox methodology. Our intake process is quick, and we are experts at assisting you with logistics and insurance details. Take a look around and if it feels right, give us a call – 24/7 intake assistance is available – 1-800-417-0485.

About UsAbout Us Page

We welcome you to visit our team page to get to know our staff members. Browse around the bios, and you’ll soon notice that the majority of our staff are, themselves, in recovery. This is intentional, and it is part of what makes Dynamic Transformations so successful. We understand better than anyone what you’re going through – because we’ve been there.

FacilityFacilities Page

Located on a quiet street in the quaint Southern California city of Redlands, Dynamic Transformations is a residential facility specializing in medically-assisted drug and alcohol detox. Our residence is comfortable and spacious, our staff cook prepares delicious and nutritious meals and snacks every day, and there is ample opportunity for community engagement when the time is right. Visit our Facility page to learn more about our community and residence.

TreatmentTreatment Approach

Visit our Treatment Approach page to get an idea of how we handle intake, initial detox, and the rehab journey. Learn more about our programs, therapies, and partners in recovery.


Our Mission

As a company on a mission to help men and women throughout the country finally and forever break the chains of addiction, we hope you find this website an addiction recovery resource that is informative and helpful. Detox and rehabilitation from substance abuse represent an opportunity to rebuild self-value, to renew damage relationships and to regain health, wellness, and peace. Maybe this is a step that you have taken in the past – don’t let that stop you from taking it again. Do it for yourself. Do it for your survival.

We understand what you’re going through – we’ve been there before, and we’re here for your now.

Take the Step. Contact Us Today.